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Monday, August 07, 2006


I stopped by Joann's over the weekend to check out the button supply -- and, lo and behold, they're 40% off this week. Yea! So I bought some -- and I'll probably go back and get more. Never can have a big enough stash, you know.

Right now, I'm trying to decide which buttons to use on the cardi. I bought a package with pretty citrusy colors -- orange, yellow, green, pink, and turquoise. The yellow and pink don't work, and the green is blah. The turquoise buttons are a little small...and the orange aren't bad. I also dug out of my stash some blue for a little contrast. But right now, I'm leaning toward the flowery buttons that I got a while back for a baby sweater. I like that they're different -- fun and colorful and summery. And it doesn't really matter that they're not all that functional, since I'll most likely never button the thing anyway.

So here are my options (though the color on this picture is horrible, for some reason). Any thoughts?

I definitely took full advantage of my Treasuries this weekend. I knit up a bunch of dishcloths using new stitch patterns, courtesy of my Treasuries. I worked on my lace (pattern courtesy of my Treasury). And I started a totally cool scarf, which my brother-in-law will get for Christmas. Last year, he got the alien shadow-knit scarf, and I just decided that it would be fun to keep trying out cool patterns and techniques out on him every year from now on. Paul is still attached to the scarf I knit him four years ago, and I don't know of anyone else who would appreciate a crazy-cool scarf, so my brother-in-law will continue to reap the benefits. This year, he's getting a mosaic scarf in black and gray (PS August!). And, of course, I dug the pattern out of my Treasury. Pictures of all of that stuff to come -- but right now I have to get back to work. It won't be long before I have to go and knit with the girlies.


Anonymous Beth M. said...

I sure hope your brother in law does not read your blog... girl... you'll spoil his Christmas! You just can't keep a secret... can you???

The buttons are cute.. I think I'd go with the flower buttons too since this is a spring/summer sweater. My second choice is the orange but then again.. you'd have to 'hang out' in your orange basement.

Can't wait to see it finished up.
How about Thursday for coffee?? Kay, Gerry, Connie and I will be there.

6:14 PM

Anonymous mitten maven said...

I vote for the flower buttons!

7:52 PM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

Cute! I like the flower buttons or the orange ones…. Depending on what you want to wear it with. Also… you’re working on Christmas presents already?! Must. Get. Started.

12:06 PM

Anonymous Emily said...

I like the orange! But I am going through a bit of a phase with orange, so my judgement probably can't be trusted.

11:09 PM


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