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Monday, June 26, 2006

Yea for FOs!

Remember how I said I wanted to finish my sweater this weekend?

Here I am, in my best "Take the picture already -- I'm frickin' sweating to death" pose. I also have a great shot of me doing a little dance of joy in the back yard, but this'll have to do.

As soon as I finished sewing in the ends and doing my mini photo shoot, I went right inside and started my Picovoli swatch. I think this time I'll do a project that won't make me sweat to death. The yarn, which I got at The Outlet cost me CDN$4 for a full bag -- because it's discontinued (but I found some on eBay, in case you want to see what it looks like). And it's such a simple pattern that I can work on it about anywhere. I'll bring it for knitting with the girls this afternoon -- and I'll probably take it along to the screening tonight and work on it while I wait for the movie to begin.

Once again, we planned to do all kinds of stuff this weekend. Once again, we pretty much just crashed. After all the to-do with Dad last week, I was pretty much dead to the world. On Friday, after the call, I did the things that I hadn't been able to do for a couple of days: eat and sleep.

On Saturday, we decided to use our passes to the zoo before they expired. Perfect timing, we figured, since the new Asia Quest exhibit had just opened. Obviously, we weren't the only ones who thought Saturday was the perfect day to go to the zoo. In fact, I'm guessing that half of Ohio was there. We spent about an hour parked on the street, waiting to get in. While we waited, I called Mom, who said that Dad was feeling much better after getting a little extra blood. In fact, he was trying to get her to drive up to the cottage. He was so eager to go that he even promised not to bring any tools. For Dad, that's saying a lot. Just as I don't go anywhere without needles, Dad doesn't go anywhere without tools.

This week is going to be one crazy week -- fun, but crazy. I've got two screenings this week (boy, do I love summer blockbuster season!), plus I have two days at Origins, a big game expo. By the weekend, I'll definitely deserve a vacation.

New Stuff at N&W.com:
I published a new knitting book review over the weekend. If you know any young girls who knit, they'll love Girl's Guide to Fun & Funky Knitting. The girls in my Monday group give it their highest rating. In fact, one of them has already started one of the patterns...

I also started a new contest this week. We're giving away a Napster subscription and an MP3 player! To enter, you just need to sign up for our weekly Weekend Reminder newsletter and email your entry.


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Sorry to hear about your rough week - but I'm glad to hear your dad is feeling better!!!

Your sweater looks faboo! I still haven't started my shawl but I'll get there next week... can't wait to see your Picovoli - it's such a cute pattern!

3:47 PM


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