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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Temptations and Roadblocks

So this morning I find an email in my inbox. Quite a few of them, actually, but one that stood out. It was from Beth, announcing that our KnitLites needles are in. She said she could meet up with everyone at Caribou today to knit, drink coffee, and hand out the needles. Man, do I want those needles! But the work has been piling up, and my to-do list keeps growing -- and I spent yesterday afternoon knitting with the girlies (more on that later). I just don't have the time to hang out and knit right now. But oh, the inner strife it brought me!

As I patted myself on the back for my amazing show of willpower, the phone rang. It was the LYS -- my Treasury is in. My first thought: if I drive really fast and eat lunch in the car and don't talk to anyone and come straight home, I can go right now. I want my Treasury right now.

But I will be strong. I've waited this long. I can wait another day or two without going completely mad, right?

Probably not.

Yesterday, SP was already at the LYS, eager for me to deliver her fabulous new hand-dyed yarn, when I showed up. We oohed and aahed over our handiwork for a while before Miss S arrived.

Since it was such a nice day (and since someone was sitting in our spot), we decided to sit outside, on the bench outside the store. After a while, Miss A arrived, and I pulled out an extra chair. I worked on the sleeve of my sweater while Miss A continued working on her cell phone case and Miss S worked on her bag. But mostly, the afternoon was spent arguing over what, exactly, it was that a bird was snacking on in the parking lot. Miss S was convinced that it was a breadstick, while Miss A was pretty sure that it was a biscuit. There was much speculating and poking and prodding. When Miss A's mom came to pick her up, she agreed that it was a breadstick -- though Miss A's brother was pretty sure it was a pizza crust.

I was amused by the doom and gloom that Miss S pronounced over the arrival of summer vacation. Have you ever heard a 10-year-old complain about being able to stay home from school for two months? Miss S is convinced that she'll be bored out of her gourd the entire time -- and nothing Miss A and I suggested was any good. Miss S is convinced that everything sucks right now. Summer sucks. Miss H's being away in Florida for a long time (two weeks) sucks. Everything sucks. And that just made Miss A and me laugh and make faces at each other.

The change of scenery made for an interesting afternoon. Instead of just the usual knitters, we were surrounded by people yelling on their cell phones and having loud conversations with one another as they walked by. We were also joined by a crazy lady (who, Miss S later pointed out, didn't have many teeth). I could have also pointed out that she was most definitely on some sort of substance -- or that her dropped-yoke acid wash jeans were a bit...1986. But I didn't. Mostly, I'd been trying not to make eye contact -- but when she noticed us, she yelled out, "HEY! Are you guys knitting? YUCK!" Apparently, the crazy lady had had a bad experience once. And NEVER AGAIN would she pick up needles. But, then again, maybe her daughter should learn. And by the time she'd turned and wandered off, she'd decided that maybe she should knit after all.

After I got home, I nervously tried on the sweater. I was a little worried about the sleeves being too tight for my bulging biceps. I tried it on, and it was pretty tight. It fit, but it was tight. I kept working, trying to convince myself that it was nice and fitted, but I eventually accepted the fact that I'd feel uncomfortable wearing tight-tight sleeves. Fitted is fine. Tight is not. So it's best just to frog it now so I'll be comfortable wearing it later. I hate that it sets me back several days. But I'll survive. And when it's finished, I'll be happy that I put in the extra time. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.


Anonymous SP said...

You are so good not to jump in the car and head for that book. I know how much you've wanted it to arrive. I'm proud of you.

3:00 PM

Anonymous Beth M. said...

I'm sorry you missed out on getting your needles today... I'll meet with you anytime! Well.. I'm glad Mitten Maiden and SP stopped by but *I'll tell you what*... that SP is a bad influence on me. Ok.. I'm the one who stands up and says 'Hi..I'm Beth.. and I am a Yarnaholic!'. I swore I wouldn't buy any yarn this month. But... SP came today... with a huge bag of yarn she bought at 50% off. I was DOOMED!!!! MM & I RAN right over to the store to check it out. We both bought an *INSANE* amount of yarn!!!!

Again... I repeat: 'Hi.. My name is Beth and I have an addiction'

3:41 PM

Anonymous SP said...

I'll admit that I don't want to be the only person in yarn debt up to my eyebrows. The place I told you about in Powell is where Beth and MM got the yarn. Head over, you'll go crazy.

6:30 PM

Anonymous mitten maven said...

My name is Carol, I'm the mitten maven and I am a yarnaholic. Yes, Trends 21 sucked me in too. SP is an enabler! You are so strong not to give in to the temptation and stay focused.

9:59 PM

Anonymous Beth M. said...

Maybe that's my problem... I can't stay focused. But it was fun and the deals were great! And they still have lots of yarn left... I may need to go back...

oops... Stay focused Beth, Stay focused!

9:04 AM

Anonymous Beth M. said...

I talked to Connie today and she wants to go 'check out the yarn'. I told her I would take her over tomorrow. I'll be strong, very strong. I'll just keep repeating... I'm a Yarnaholic and I have an addiction. It's been 1 day since I bought yarn (ok... I bought some sock yarn yesterday... great stuff).. I'm so pathetic. But.... I'll be strong... I won't buy... I'll just 'feel' the yarn.
Focus Beth... Focus!

10:49 PM


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