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Friday, June 09, 2006


I couldn't be more relieved that it's Friday. What a week! Really, Paul shouldn't be allowed to go away -- because when he does, I turn into the same old bad-food-eating workaholic that I was before we got married. Last night, for the first time all week, I actually allowed myself to sit down and relax and watch a movie just for fun. It felt...strange.

Before Paul left, I threatened to have my blue cardi done when he got back. But alas, that ain't gonna happen. I will, however, have the body finished. I'm so close. I really wish I could show pictures. It's SO CUTE! I have a feeling it's going to become one of those sweaters that I wear *all the time*.

Man, do I miss my digital camera!

Today I had to leave the house for a while for my annual woman-doctor appointment. And I must tell you, there's just no better way to end a long, tiring week of being home alone than heading to the doctor's office and putting your heels in the stirrups. HA! Fortunately, my doctor is totally efficient. After a quick discussion about Tim Horton's donuts, it was all over, and I was out the door. I made a quick stop at the art store to buy some new dyes. Then, since I was already out and all, I stopped by Old Navy to buy myself some T-shirts that actually appear to be long enough to reach the waist of my pants (an answer to prayer!). While I was out anyway, I also stopped at World Market and Best Buy (where I checked out MP3 players again -- even though I told Paul to bring one back for me from Malaysia). And I topped it all off by treating myself to a Coffee Light Frappuccino.

Wanna see my impulse buy of the day? I got the newsletter from KnittingZone.com today, and I found a pattern that I absolutely could not live without. Just couldn't do it. So, despite the fact that I swore I'd never make a baby blanket again, I bought this Flower Baby Blanket pattern. Really, how could I not? It's just so darn cute. I was actually thinking that it would look great in the basement -- a yellow flower with an orange center, perhaps.

Of course, making this blanket will mean that I'll have to buy more yarn -- something that I've been telling myself all week that I can't do. After last week's trip to the Uber Yarn Outlet, I've totally run out of room. All of my little cubbies are *crammed* -- and I've started stacking bags on top of the wardrobe next to my yarn cabinet. But I just couldn't help myself last week. The deals are just too good for anyone in her right mind to pass up. So I ended up buying a full bag (10 skeins) of some cute green cotton for CDN$4 (no kidding!), two bags (6 skeins total) of CottonTots in light yellow, and a whole pound of green and blue cotton (that I was going to use for dishcloths, though it would make a really cute tank, too...). I'm afraid I couldn't fill orders for sock yarn -- they didn't really have anything worthwhile in the sock variety -- but I did fill SP's order for baby sweater yarn. And I got some baby sweater yarn for me. And a few more skeins (okay...6) of the stuff I got last time -- to make sure I have enough for a whole sweater. All of that...for about $35. I put it all away this week, and I was almost ashamed of my bottomless stash. But not ashamed enough to keep me from going back for the tent sale in August. :) I'll just have to knit a lot between now and then.

I was thinking about taking myself out to a movie tonight. But maybe I'll order in, rent a movie, and knit... :)


Anonymous Beth M. said...

You *HAD* to do it.... I love the baby blanket but... when you said you wanted to make it in yellow... all I could think of was *my* favorite flower. I love Black Eyed Susans and this blanket would look great... ok... sign me up for your trip in August... I'm on the bus!!! This is all I need... another project. I'll have to stop socks for the summer and make a blanket? in summer?

9:53 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

the flower baby blanket is adorable!!!

6:21 AM


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