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Monday, May 22, 2006

Shawl Countdown: 12 Days

Rows to go: 4

I was hoping to finish over the weekend, but we ended up having our neighbor over for dinner last night, which was totally worth it. Not only that, but she seemed to be pretty intrigued by my knitting. Who knows...maybe I'll be able to spread the joy of knitting on to my neighbor, too...

Fortunately, I had two whole hours of Desperate Housewives last night to work on the shawl, so I cranked out another four rows. Tonight, I'm thinking an episode of The Apprentice and maybe a Law & Order rerun, and I should be just about finished...


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Yeah for an almost finished shawl! You can so knit 4 rows and block it in time!!!

I ended up checking out the Merc yesterday - and almost convinced my crochet-only friend to learn how to knit! Thanks for the store recommendation!

12:52 PM


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