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Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's All About the Shawls

This weekend, I decided, was Shawl Weekend. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. Cold and rainy -- not exactly the kind of weekend that you spend out working in the yard or going for long walks or having picnics in the park. It's the kind of weekend that you spend parked on your butt in front of the TV. Fortunately, Paul's week was every bit as exhausting as mine was, so he had no objections.

On Friday night, I only paused my knitting long enough for Paul and me to take a quick, rather rainy walk to the mailbox (which is actually down the road -- a fact that's seriously annoying). In it, was the latest KnitPicks catalog. When I pulled the mail out of the mailbox, I actually shrieked, "KNITPICKS!!" Then I went skipping back to the house to flip through it. And, lo and behold, it was all about lace. Yea! Not only did they have pretty pictures of lace shawls -- but they also provided blocking tips. This could not have come at a better time, since I had no freakin' clue how I was going to go about blocking Adamas, with all of its pointy bits. So once again, KnitPicks saved my tail.

I've been knitting like a madwoman on Adamas this weekend. I think I've cranked out another 15 rows or so in the last two nights -- and I'm at the beginning of my 14th repeat. Technically, that's supposed to be the last repeat before starting the edging, but I'm going to do at least 15 -- since my silk won't have a lot of give, and I don't want the shawl to be too small. I have 400 extra yards of silk, so why the heck not?

In my spare time, I've also cranked out a few rows of my Muppet Wrap. If frogs were capable of growing fur, I would have to say that my wrap would be Kermit. I've been looking and looking, but I can't actually find any furry green Muppets. There have got to be some furry green guys somewhere in the supporting cast...

Anyway, I decided to use 13s and just knit it in garter stitch. I thought about an openwork, but I decided that garter was nice and uncomplicated -- not to mention pretty brainless. Perfect.

I really need to create a button for a Muppet Wrap-a-long... Who's with me? Beth? SP? Anybody else?


Blogger Ashley said...

Knitpicks... I haven't gotten my cataloge yet unless my mom's hiding it from me which is entirely possible. I'm going to be stalking the mailbox next week. :-D

1:55 PM

Anonymous Emily said...

Gotta love KnitPicks! Now if only they would make a sport weight Essential...oohooh and a superwash worsted! I am such a fan of Shine. Excuse me, I need to go and look at my catalog again.

8:11 AM

Anonymous Beth M. said...

I'm in.... I want to do an Elmo wrap now! What's your pattern? Are you making a rectangular wrap or a triangle shawl style? Let me know when you want to meet at HL..
I got the coupon... thanks.. I'm ready to use it.. and see the store.

8:36 AM


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