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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Adamas

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on the sweater. I love it -- and I can't wait to wear it! I don't care if it's so bright that I'll stand out in a crowd. In fact, that's actually a good thing when it comes to shopping at the mall with one's husband...

So now that the sweater is done, I've moved back to my Adamas. I'd post pictures, but I realize that, to anyone but me, any pictures of the shawl at this point will look exactly like the ones I've already posted. Adamas after 7 repeats pretty much looks like Adamas after 6 repeats.

I'm still in awe of the Addis. I can't believe how smoothly it's going now. That doesn't mean, of course, that it's not going to be a last-minute race to the finish -- but I think it may actually be possible.

32 days to the wedding...

Yesterday, I showed up for knitting with the girls, not knowing if I'd be knitting solo. Poor Miss S had a dentist appointment, and I wasn't sure if Miss H would be there, either. So, along with my knitting, I packed a bit of work, in case I had to sit around and wait for a while. But, as it turned out, I didn't have long to wait. Miss M the Elder (whose little sister, Miss M the Younger, is apparently *very angry* that she hasn't been allowed to come along) showed up, ready to try something new. Her goal was to knit a hat on circs. But before she started on that, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to teach her to purl -- since it's much easier to get a ribbed hat to fit than a stockinette hat. So Miss M spent the day purling. I taught her all about bumps and Vs -- and as she practiced, I flipped through books of stitch patterns and showed her all the cool things she could do now that she knew how to purl. We were just getting to the point of working on a rib when it was time to go home.

Miss H also showed up. This time, in addition to the brace on her sprained wrist, she came in limping, her newly-sprained ankle wrapped in a bandage. Poor Miss H is an accident waiting to happen. The good news, however, is that Miss H found her missing bag back -- so she'll be able to finish it and felt it. The bad news is that she found that her new scarf was nothing but a headache. She'd worked on it for a while, but then she'd frogged it. So I started her out again. Once we got to the complicated part, I found that she wasn't kidding. It was confusing. I worked a row -- and was then in the process of taking it out when Miss H's mom showed up.

We had a great time this week. Miss M stood up and danced around the room while she worked, making strange noises and chatting a blue streak as she did. And Miss H played her favorite songs on her cell phone and filled us in on her week. Mondays with the girls never cease to amaze me. Our conversations range from politics to American Idol to teachers to the Oscar Mayer Wiener song.

And, somewhere in there, we manage to knit, too.

This week, I worked on my new baby sweater -- but I'm a little worried about it. The neck just doesn't seem big enough. But, since I don't have any babies to measure it on, I have no idea if I'm just being paranoid or if it's really too small. Right now, I'm debating whether I want to frog it and start over.

In other knitting news, how totally cool are these Knit Lite needles? How much to you want them? They're not available yet, but Beth placed a gigantic order for them today -- and we should have them by the 19th or so. I got a pair of 8s, even though I have about 15 pairs of 8s already -- two kinds of metal, bamboo, circular...you name it. But 8s are my standard size -- perfect for dishcloths. And if I'm going to be knitting in the dark, I'll probably be working on something uncomplicated...like dishcloths. Sure, it's a little pricey for plastic knitting needles, but how cool will it be when we can all go to our summer concerts in the park and knit right through to the end? We're so cool, I can hardly stand it.


Anonymous Beth M. said...

They have our order.. should be shipping to us sometime after the 19th. Yippee!!!!
Now to decide WHICH project I'm going to use these needles on...

9:06 AM


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