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Thursday, April 27, 2006

One Sleeve Down...

...one to go.

I took a little break from my recent Adamas obsession last night to finish the first sleeve of my sweater. Believe it or not, it only took about half a skein of yarn, so I have a full skein left for the second sleeve and the neck. No problem! And if I can put Adamas down long enough to work on it, I may be able to finish it in time for the end of the month...

Instead of starting sleeve #2 last night, though, I went right back to the shawl. After all, I only have a little over a month to have that baby knit, blocked, and ready to wear. I cranked out another five rows last night, for a total of 24 since Sunday. It may not sound like a lot, but I'm pretty impressed, considering how long it used to take me to knit a row...

Yea Addis!

In totally unrelated news, our Noisy Neighbors with the Hearse (I swear I'm going to get a picture of it and post it so you'll all see that I'm really not kidding) have taken the next step in Front Yard Decorating. They tend to do some strange decorating -- which has included hanging a small child's raincoat next to their door in the spring or hanging a small child's swimsuit next to the door in the summer -- but I'm not sure what to think about the fact that they've now tossed a bathroom sink in the middle of the flower bed in the front yard. It's been there for a week or so now.

Between our house and theirs, there's a row of tall evergreens. When we first moved in, Paul thought we should take them down because they're not very neighborly. But we both agree now that the trees need to stay. Because if we pretend they're not there, the rest of the neighborhood is really quite nice.


Anonymous sock princess said...

I've seen it, she's not kidding.

2:21 PM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

24 rows since Sunday?! You rock!

I so need to get me some addi’s. I think the yarn store is open late tonight….

3:47 PM

Anonymous mitten maven said...

OK, I want to see a picture....
especially of the decorating!

9:16 PM

Blogger Ashley said...

Someone on the street behind us has a hearse, except they've redone it and put browns stuff all over it. So it's their "browns car." Supposedly it has an amazing sound system and all sorts of other cool junk. They used to live two houses over, but the moved away, and then back onto the other street. It's their "new" car though.

Looks like you've made tons of progress on all your projects lately!

11:01 PM


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