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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shawl Countdown: 16 Days to the Wedding

I have 16 days until I will be wearing a fabulous (and finished...and blocked) Adamas made of hand-dyed silk. It will be finished. It will be fabulous.

Of course, it's not finished yet. Jeanne (of the beautiful newly-finished Adamas) thinks I'm crazy (not that she's the first person to tell me that), but last night I started my extra pattern repeat. I'm pretty sure I'm crazy, too. I could be working on the edging now. I'd be *almost there*. Instead, I'm trying to get one more repeat done... Crazy.

Last night, I sat my butt down and pulled out my knitting for a long knitting-and-TV marathon. Top Model, followed by American Idol (which I haven't actually watched all season -- I just watched it 'cuz it was on), followed by Law & Order. I worked myself up to such a frantic knitting pace that I believe I broke a sweat.

But I only have 16 days. And I have 18 rows to go. Plus bind-off. Plus blocking. I'm hoping to watch plenty of TV/movies over the next few days, so I can block mid-next week -- since we're going up to my parents' cottage for a few days before the wedding, and I really don't want to have to block it there. But if I've got to block at the cottage, Mom assures me she'll make room.

16 days. 18 rows. Can I pull it off? Frankly, I have no choice. I bought the dress to match.


Anonymous Beth M. said...

You can do it!!!!
Now... think about it... you only have to do a few of rows each night and spend one night blocking and then let it dry. Sounds easy... right?
You have a weekend coming up... drink LOTS of coffee :-)

4:31 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Ah, that wouldn't be such a horrible thought -- if it didn't take about a half-hour per row. But I'm going to do it, even if it means a college-style all-nighter or two. ;)

9:35 AM


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