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Friday, May 19, 2006

Shawl Countdown: 15 Days

15 days and 16 rows to go. Last night we ran out to the grocery store -- and to the library, to pick up some books on CD for our upcoming hours on the road. And we ended up crashing early. So I didn't get a lot of knitting in. I'll pick up the pace this weekend...

Jeanne finished blocking her Adamas. Yea, Jeanne! Hers is absolutely GORGEOUS (she used KnitPicks Shadow, which has the most beautiful colorways)! It makes me even more excited to finish mine...

I also worked more on the baby sweater last night -- which has to be finished by next weekend. That, however, won't be a problem. I only have about 15 rounds of the second sleeve to go.

In totally unrelated news, this week, we had even more reasons to be thankful that we're no longer living in Massachusetts.

See this?

This is where we used to live. Not in this parking lot, exactly. But this is our grocery store parking lot. See those buildings in the background? That's the condo community in which we used to live. According to Paul's coworkers back in MA (who didn't have to work for a few days this week -- because all of the roads to the office were flooded), the ground floor of our old building is flooded (we were on the third floor), and the parking lot is covered in water.

Here's the fancy condos across the street:

They're so new that they were still in the construction phase when we moved.

We knew full well that Andover had some flooding issues. One of the women who lived on our floor told us she had once owned a ground-floor condo, and she sold it after it flooded a couple of times. When we lived there, our friends' house, which was right next to our condo, flooded. Fortunately, there were only a few inches of water in their basement -- and we acted quickly enough to get everything off the ground before there was any real damage. But if the water had risen an inch more outside, they would have had about five feet of water in their basement. Fortunately, they've moved since then, too -- or I can only imagine what they'd be dealing with right now.

So if you happen to live in my old 'hood in Andover -- or the surrounding flooded areas -- hang in there. Just keep knitting -- the water will go down soon.


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