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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shawl Countdown: 9 Days


Thanks so much for all of your comments on the shawl. So it's finished now -- with more than a day to spare before we pack up and go. I was so excited when I unpinned the thing today that I may have done a little dance. Now I'm just so afraid of it. I want it to look *perfect* for the wedding, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with it until then. How do I pack this thing so it doesn't end up a rumbled mess in my bag (like everything else)?

Tonight we've started the packing process. I'm doing laundry, and Paul's trying to figure everything out, since he has to pack for two full weeks and three different locations. I don't envy him at all. Packing for all kinds of weather at the cottage followed by all kinds of weather in Toronto followed by a wedding...that's hard enough for me. Paul has dug out all of the luggage we own -- and I think we might need it.

The biggest challenge of all, of course, is trying to plan my knitting for a whole week. I actually have a list that I've been compiling this week. I'll bring my socks -- since the cottage is the only place I've been able to work on them without throwing them across the room in anger. Of course I'll bring my Muppet Wrap (I saw SP's the other day -- just wait until you see which Muppet *she's* chosen). And some dishcloths. Maybe a baby sweater. And that cardigan I've been meaning to start for a year now. And some various odds and ends. Perhaps I'll finally appease Miss S and rip out my Super Secret Project -- or maybe I'll just keep stringing her along... :)


Anonymous mitten maven said...

Your shawl is exquisite!! I'm jealous.

7:10 PM


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