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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Knitting Backwards

This week has been such a slow knitting week that I've actually gone backwards. I've frogged way more than I've knit.

On Tuesday night, after going to a screening of The Lake House (which was actually pretty good -- my review will be posted at N&W.com this weekend), I came home and frogged the Super Secret Project. Remember this thing? It turned out to be bigger than it was supposed to be, so I set it aside, planning to frog it and start again. And that was *ages* ago. Since then, Miss S has nagged me about it *every single week*. So I gave in. I frogged it. And I started over. I think it's going to be my Monday project for a while -- which works, since it's nice, brainless knitting-in-the-round, and since it'll stop Miss S's constant nagging.

Yesterday, while dinner was in the oven, I frogged the sleeve of my sweater. Now *that* was painful. I ripped out 35 rounds of sleeve -- and I'm still mad at myself for letting it go that long before realizing that I needed the sleeve to be bigger. I'm an idiot. And, as my punishment, I got to rip out more than 1400 carefully-knit stitches, and I get to do them all over again. That'll teach me.

Then again, probably not.

Last night, Paul had a hockey game, so I packed up my Super Secret Project and went along. I managed to get three rounds done. It's 216 stitches around, so that's not bad, but I would have finished a lot more if I'd actually been awake -- and if I hadn't spent all of my pre- and post-game time standing in the lobby, watching the Canes/Oilers game. It's funny -- our three favorite teams have been out of it for so long that I almost forgot that there were actually hockey games still being played. I'd already moved on to soccer (my orange jersey is now my favorite article of clothing). Oh, but just for the record, I've adopted Edmonton as my Stanley Cup team. Probably because they're behind. I love a good underdog.

This afternoon I'm finally breaking down and heading out to get my fabulous new knitting stuff. I'm meeting Beth for coffee at Caribou at 1 to get my needles -- and, somewhere in there, I think I'll stop at the LYS to get my Treasury. Yeah!


Anonymous Beth M. said...

You didn't mention that it's not just a simple knit stitch for the secret project... it's a ribbing. Now that goes much slower. You're doing well.

I can't wait to knit with the Lighted needles... aren't they fun???? Can you imagine all of us at Picnic with the Pops knitting and 'glowing'??

2:30 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

very interested to read your review on the lake house as my sis and i are way into sandra bullock and can't wait to see this movie.

can't wait to see the lighted needles, too...how fun!

5:31 AM


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