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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Baby-Sized Attention Span

Lately, things have been a little hectic, in case you haven't noticed. There hasn't been a ton of knitting time left over at the end of the day (and with Summer Blockbuster season officially starting next week with our Spider-Man 3 screening, I don't foresee it getting too much better until at least August). Not a lot of time for lounging around, knitting big sweaters and blankets and things. So it's probably a good thing that everyone's pregnant right now -- because my knitting time doesn't really allow for much more than baby-stuff knitting (nor does my attention span allow for it).

So it's been more of the same for me: lots and lots of baby stuff. Bibs and burp cloths galore! Well, there's one sweater that I pick up from time to time -- but I don't exactly love where it's going right now, so I'm procrastinating on that one. And there is one other project -- but it's a gift for someone who happens to read this blog, so, unfortunately, I can't post regular pictures of it.

But, recently, the warm and sunny weather has been pushing me toward lace. I'm getting The Urge. I've been surfing around for lace yarn -- not that I need any more mind you. I just like to browse. But cottage days are coming soon, and I can't think of a better way to spend those cozy cottage evenings than curled up on the porch with a little bit of lace. I think it's almost time for me to start swatching. Time to get out the Treasuries and calendars and other stitch pattern guides and find me some new lace to knit. Yea, lace!

BTW - For some reason, Blogger recently stopped emailing my comments to me, so I just realized that I had a ton just sitting around, unanswered. Sorry about that! Thanks for all of the comments on the skull bib. The new dad was totally thrilled, and he tells me that Garrett can't wait to wear it to day care, so he can be way cooler than all the other babies. Rock on, Garrett!

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