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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Bound

It's been snowing ALL DAY! We got up this morning, and Paul went outside to shovel -- not that you can tell anymore. And at some point, it switched from snow to freezing rain. It's nasty out there. Perfect time to knit.

Yesterday, at the store, I was told that women had been coming in all day, buying tons of yarn to prepare for the storm. Some people stock up on milk. Others buy more yarn...

I was afraid that I wouldn't see any of my Knitastics yesterday. In fact, I almost left at 5:30 -- but then Miss A showed up, and she and I got to hang out for a while. She's working on a fabulous pink and black striped scarf, which I totally love. I don't have a pink scarf, but I'm thinking I need one now...

Last week, I did very little knitting. Paul had a last-minute trip to Malaysia, so I was on my own. I had a million screenings (which helped to keep me out of trouble...kinda), so I ended up spending next to no time at home. Thus, very little knitting time. I did, however, manage to finish my Hockey Wife's Bleacher Pad:

It's a quick and easy pattern -- and I'll post it as soon as I get it typed up.

I've also been somewhat obsessed with The Blanket I Don't Need. I decided to run with Paul's chosen basketweave pattern -- not that you can tell by the crappy picture I took, so I just won't post it. But, just in case you want to try to picture it, I'm almost a third of the way through. It's about four feet wide by around 20 inches right now. And it's navy and comfy. I know I don't need it, but I want it, and I've been having fun working on it. It's so easy -- and it's on 17s, so it's super quick. And it keeps me warm while I'm knitting.

And, finally, there's the latest project -- the sweater for little Frodo Skywalker. The baby shower is just weeks away, so I forced myself to sit down this weekend and start Another Dreaded Baby Sweater. It took serious willpower to keep working on the thing. I'm SO SICK of baby sweaters (note to my friends and family: No more babies! I'm not even kidding! Enough already!). But it's actually turning out to be quite cute. I hope little Frodo will like it.

(Darnit, Blogger! The picture belongs here -- I'll try to post it later.)

I'm using a new pattern -- to try to shake things up a bit. It's the free pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple, worked from the top of the little hood down. I'm doing the newborn size, and it's so cute and tiny that I almost love it. What I do love is that I'll be done in no time. Woohoo!


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