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Monday, August 28, 2006

Week of Insanity, Day 1

Okay, so the weekend didn't turn out to be as glorious as planned. Sure, parts of it were great. On Friday night, we pretty much just crashed. We did, however, take the time to listen to the radio show when it was actually broadcast on the radio -- which was a totally surreal experience. Yeah, I've listened to the thing online, but listening to it on the radio somehow makes it that much cooler.

On Saturday night, we went to see Nacho Libre at the local cheap theater with Chandra and Dave. Believe it or not, despite the number of movies I see on a weekly basis, I even to go movies in my spare time. Just for fun.

Yesterday, however, I spent the afternoon at Urgent Care, getting poked and prodded and x-rayed. My rib has pretty much healed, fortunately, but my fall did something nasty and totally unidentifiable to my insides. Often (just about every day, though I get some days off), I have breathing issues. According to the doctor I saw yesterday, through a stethoscope, my right lung sounds like it's full of Rice Krispies. But the x-rays don't really show anything serious, so I walked out with a prescription for an inhaler and a recommendation to get a CAT-scan.

And when, I wonder, do I have time to get a CAT-scan?

So after all that, I went home last night, crashed on the couch, watched way too much TV, and worked on The Christmas Sweater. I finished the body last night, and I started Sleeve #1. Considering that there are only four more nights in Project Spectrum Neutral Month -- and I have to attend screenings on three of those nights -- I seriously doubt that I'll be finishing in time for the end of Project Spectrum. But I'll be close -- and that's good enough for me.

Meanwhile, since I can't quite show pictures of the Christmas Sweater yet (though I may throw one in at some point -- just because I love it and want to share), here's my BIL's scarf:

I also did a little stash cleaning this weekend. I actually managed to do the unthinkable: I cleaned out some of the stuff that I know I'll never use -- and that made room for some of my recent purchases, which I know I will actually use. Eventually. And I started trying to figure out what I'm going to bring with me to Malaysia. There will definitely be lace -- since, not only does it take up very little room, but I also need to get back to work on it. I have all kinds of lace designs in mind -- but I need to finish this one first. (Is that willpower, or what?) Ruth recommended bringing cotton -- since it will most likely be hot there. And that's advice that I intend to heed. Ever since Jeanne started talking about doing the Ballet Cami, I've been thinking about making one for myself, too (does that make me a copycat? If so, it wouldn't be the first time...). I have all kinds of yarn that was supposed to be Picovoli (which is still sitting around, still unfrogged, somewhere), and I think that might work. Or maybe I'll frog Picovoli and try to start over. I'm also considering Tempting, for which I just bought the yarn. So many options...! But, hey -- I could always use a few more. Have any of you made any great, lighter-weight patterns that you'd recommend for the trip? If so, let me know!


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Ok that scarf is AMAZING. I love the pattern. Love it. How are you doing that in scarf form? Is it some sort of slipped stitch magic? It’s really cool whatever it is…

You should totally knit a ballet cami – I still want to knit one as soon as my tempting ii is done (knock on wood with that one!)

Hope you’re feeling better!!!

3:40 PM

Anonymous Ruth said...

That scarf is very very cool.

2:35 AM


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