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Monday, December 26, 2005

Ho Ho...OH NO!

We had a couple of very nice days of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we opened our presents. I got plenty of DVDs to keep me laughing for a while. And I got the swift that I've been not-so-subtly hinting about for...six months now. :) While we hung out and enjoyed the whole holiday-spirit thing, Paul did some of the puzzles in his new Sudoku book (I tried...and then I got a headache, so I gave up and went back to knitting) and I finished knitting the felted tote (pictures to come...but I'm not on my own computer right now). Yesterday, we ate more food than necessary. Then we watched two of our new DVDs. And I started (and almost finished) a hat. It was such a Merry Christmas.

Then it all went south when we headed north.

We left right on time this morning for our drive to the in-laws' in Toronto. We were well over half-way, and I was cheerily finishing my hat when Paul made some sort of exclamation and I looked up to see a car flying sideways across the highway in front of us. This is not something you want to see. Paul swerved as much as he could, but it wasn't enough to prevent us from being broadsided. It's not good.

My poor little car!

So while Paul got out of the car to figure out the details, I shakily finished my hat. I was going to stop working on it, but I figured it was the only thing keeping me from crying and generally having a nervous breakdown.

Fortunately, Paul and I are okay. The car, however, isn't doing so well. You can't open the driver's door from the outside, and you can't really get it shut without a bit of a draft coming in. I hear it's bad, though I still refuse to look at it. I don't want to see it.

As the officer on the scene walked by the car, he was highly amused to find me sitting there knitting, but Paul assured him that it was the only thing keeping me calm. He was right.

Anyway...we made it to the in-laws'. We're working on figuring out what to do with the car. I'm hoping we can get it fixed in a hurry this week because it would be seriously uncomfortable to drive it all the way home like this. But we'll see. Oh...and the hat? It's too big. It's a gauge issue that's too complex to get into right now. But actually, it's nice and warm, and it covers my ears, so I may keep it.

And after I finished the hat, you'll never believe what I did. I grabbed whatever was close by -- and that happened to be the sock I set down back in September. Maybe I'll finish it someday after all...


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