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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Any Dutch Knitters Out There?

I've got a decision to make -- and I have to make it today. My darling husband has been scheduled to attend business meetings in Delft in a couple of weeks, and I might be able to go along with him. But I have to decide if I'm going today. There is a catch, of course. Since he'll be in meetings for two days straight, I probably won't see him for a couple of days. So I've contacted a friend or two in Delft, but I was thinking that it might be fun to have a little Dutch SnB while I'm there. So if anyone out there lives near Delft, let me know! I promise not to talk about socks.

I'm actually pretty excited to have the chance to go back to Delft. Since Paul started working with his company (which has its headquarters in Delft), he's been there several times -- and I've gotten to go along three times. So far, I've spent seven weeks there -- so it's become like my second home. We have friends there. I know the city like the back of my hand (so much so that on our second visit, I played tour guide to a Dutch guy who was in town working on an online tourists' guide). And I love the food. LOVE it. All I need is pannenkoeken with ham and cheese (I still haven't been able to duplicate that one at home), some poffertjes, and some fresh stroopwafels, and I'm in heaven. I've always been there in the summer, so I spend my days sitting in the Beestenmarkt with my laptop. I'm not sure what I'll do now that it's winter (which means it rains pretty much every day -- or so Weather.com tells me), but I really don't care, either. I'll bring my laptop. I'll get caught up on my reading. I'll knit. I'll go out for dinner with my pal Annemiek (and perhaps go shopping at H&M, which has opened a store in Delft since the last time I was there)...

So anyway...enough about Delft. If you're around there, let me know. We'll get a beer and knit things that aren't socks.

Speaking of which, I'm not posting a picture of the socks today because, frankly, I'm sick of them. But I'll post one tomorrow -- after I finish them. I've already told Paul that the only thing I care about today is finishing the socks. I'm about to begin the toe decreases now, so it'll be a snap to finish them tonight. And once I do, there will be great rejoicing.


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