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Monday, December 05, 2005

Mom's Bath Mitt Pattern

My mother-in-law loves the European-style bath mitts. Whenever my husband and I are overseas, we pick up a couple for her. Though they're typically made out of terrycloth, like your standard wash cloth, I thought I'd try making the knit version. They're quick and easy to knit, and if you throw in a pretty scented soap, it makes a great gift. There's still time -- you can knit up a few before your first holiday party...

Mom's Bath Mitt Posted by Picasa

Worsted weight cotton yarn. I used a one-pound cone, but if you’re using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, you’ll probably need two skeins

Size 5 (3.75mm) needles, either DPNs or 2 circs

Small crochet hook

6 ¼” wide by 8 ¼” long

22 sts and 30 rows = 4” on #5 (3.75mm) needles
Note: Mitt was knit using smaller needles than recommended on the band to give the mitt a heavier, tighter fabric than usual

CO 71, leaving a 18” tail
Join and work in the round, placing a marker for the beginning of the round

Work in seed stitch for 4 rounds:
Round 1: k1, *(p1, k1); repeat from * to the end of the round
Round 2: p1, *(k1, p1); repeat from * to the end of the round
Rounds 3&4: repeat rounds 1&2

Begin working in st. st. (knit every round). Continue until piece measures 8 inches.

Final round: knit until 2 sts. remain, k2tog (to end with an even number of sts.)

Arrange remaining sts. on 2 needles so there are 35 sts. on each needle. Graft together using Kitchener st.

To create the loop:
Using the tail from your CO edge, work a crochet chain for 4”. Sew end of chain to the inside of the mitt.

Weave in all ends.


Blogger Janey said...

Don't know whether it would necessarily need it, but using reverse stockinette stitch would probably give the bath mitt more texture.
And that is as simple as doing the st. st. as your pattern calls for, but just seaming it so the "wrong" side is the "right" side.

11:55 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Janey! I'll have to give that a try next time.

10:33 AM

Anonymous sue said...

I'd like to adapt this to a crochet pattern. Can you give me the approx dimensions? This is a wonderful gift idea, and more convenient than an actual mitt shape.


4:45 PM

Anonymous sue said...

Ooooops...That will show the kind of week its been here. LOL The dimensions are right there. LOL

Sorry about that...

4:47 PM

Blogger The Yarn Whisperer said...

I have a question about the functionality of this mitt. I knit a few of the ball band Bath Mitts from the band of Sugar N Cream cotton yarn, and they knit up fast and looked lovely. HOWEVER: wen you wet them in the shower/bath, they got all floppy, stretched out and horrible!! Not usable! When they dried, they shrunk bck to shape, but you really want a bath mitt ot be a mitt shape when you most need it-- wet. I was so frustrated and vowed to find a solution. How does this bathmitt hold up when wet? Thanks! -Safiyah

11:59 AM

Anonymous sue said...

Using a smaller size needle, or, in my case hook, will make it tighter. I make dish clothes out of the Sugar N Cream and never have an issue. Usually, with the cotton yarns, you need to stitch tighter.

Hope that helps.

8:23 AM

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