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Friday, December 02, 2005

Can I do it? Will I try anyway?

I went to the yarn store yesterday, where I was relieved to discover that I'm not the only one who's decided to do the impossible before Christmas. In fact, I might not even be as bad as Kara, who's decided to knit approximately 300 scarves by Christmas.

I just have this:

HELP!! Posted by Picasa

At the top, you'll see my sister-in-law's first sock. I started it yesterday. With 26 days to go until I have to give it and its mate to her. I was going to do both socks at the same time, but everything was such a mess that it just made me mad, and I gave up. It's hard to mess with two needles and two skeins and all the other hassles while you're drinking a vodka tonic. And since I intend to keep myself fueled on vodka tonics from now until Christmas, I'm doing the socks the way I'm used to. I'll learn new stuff after Christmas.

At the bottom, you'll see what's eventually supposed to be a Sentimental Stripes Tote for my other sister-in-law. I've got a good start, at least. And felted projects are a breeze -- even if they're big felted projects. The only problem is that I don't have enough yarn. I was going to do the grey with stripes in blue (which I hand-dyed myself), but I think I'll need another 200 yards or so. What color should I go with? Something black, maybe? Another blue?

Of course, this isn't all of it. I'd like to make something for myself to wear to the holiday festivities. But that's on hold. I also have a smaller bag that I'm supposed to make. And there were a couple of other scarves. Some little things. But I may have to let those slide. The socks are key right now. Gotta work on the socks. It would, after all, be rather cruel to give my sister-in-law (who has two feet) just one sock for Christmas...

Then again, if I give her the one hand-knit sock and one other sock from my sock drawer (the one that's been sitting there by itself, despite the fact that our dryer ate its mate months ago), maybe she wouldn't notice...


Blogger Jerry said...

did you say Kara is trying to knit 500 scarves before christmas?

1:30 AM

Blogger kdk said...

Actually, I said 300, but that's only a rough estimate. It could be closer to 500.

10:00 AM


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