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Thursday, December 01, 2005

December arrives -- and the last-minute rush begins

It's the first of December. Have I done any Christmas shopping? Not really. Have I even thought about Christmas cards? Nope. But I have been knitting! Last night, I stopped at the library, where I ended up picking up a giant stack of knitting books. The woman who checked me out found it somewhat amusing. She told me that I was supposed to start my Christmas knitting a month ago.

"I did!" I told her. I didn't want to tell her that I actually started some of my Christmas gifts in January. But I'm still working on them... Yesterday, I started the felted tote for my sister-in-law. I'm winging it on the yarn right now, but I'm thinking I may have to run out to get one more skein. And I think I may need to start those socks (!!!) for my other sister-in-law. I'm going to try not to hyperventilate.

In other beginning-of-the-month news, totally not knitting related, I set up a new contest on NightsAndWeekends.com today. This month, we're giving away three CDs and...a Sony Walkman Bean (perfect for listening to books/music while knitting)! It's all pretty exciting, so I wanted to share. You can check out the rules and the details and stuff at http://www.nightsandweekends.com/join/.

Today I get to escape for a while mid-day to go knit with the girls. It's been one heck of a crazy week, and I haven't even had time to go out and get myself a cup of coffee, so it's a much needed break. We've decided to meet for coffee every other week now, and I love it -- it always gives me something to look forward to...


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