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Monday, November 21, 2005

Two FOs, one new project...

Aren't you impressed? I finished two projects over the weekend and only started one! I'm amazed by the restraint I've shown lately.

Here's the first FO:

One baby blanket down... Posted by Picasa

It's the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch 'n Bitch, and it's finished! This one is for our friends Dan and Amber, who are due in April. We'll bring it to Toronto with us when we head that way for Christmas. One baby blanket down, one or two...or maybe four...to go.

I also finished another lace-y scarf, but I need to block it. Once everything is blocked, I'll post pictures.

And here's the project that I was DYING to start:

See the alien? Posted by Picasa

It's another Stitch 'n Bitch project -- the alien scarf. I was so excited to give this whole shadow knitting thing a shot, and now I'm hooked. I don't even have a whole alien finished (and I need to make six in all), but I'm already trying to get Paul to make up some new shadowy designs for me to knit.

The scarf is for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I hope he'll like it. If not, I'll keep it. :)


Blogger Rhonlynn said...

That's funny, that's as far as I've gotten weith the Alien, and I'm dieing to get it done, yet haven't done any more on it. Your alien looks great!


1:32 PM


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