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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A relaxing night of frogging

Relaxing...ha! Things were going so well with the baby blanket. I was *so close*! But then, while watching hockey, I failed to pay attention for TEN LITTLE STITCHES, and I ended up knitting the border in rib instead of seed stitch. I didn't catch it for a few rows, and when I did, I said, "Ah, no one will notice but me. It's not a big deal -- not worth ripping out 300 stitches."

But of course I should have ripped right then and there. Because I just kept working, and I realized more and more how horrible it looked. I just couldn't do it. So instead of ripping out 300 stitches, I ended up taking out the needle and frogging several rows. There's really nothing I hate more than frogging (except finishing, of course). But I did it, and I found all the stitches back, and I knit a few more rows, and it looks much better now. I know I'll be happy I did it, but I still hate that I had to.


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