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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm so proud!

Dear Aunt Gerry took home SECOND PLACE in the ugliest knitwear contest on You Knit What?. Yes, I know the woman behind the blindfold, and I'm very proud of her. You go, Aunt Gerry!


Blogger auntgerry said...

Hi, I'm not sure I know you. Do you work at the LYS? I looked at your picture on the blog and you look like the girl at the Mercantile but I'm sorry I have never heard you name. Is that you? giggle giggle.
I still can't believe I came in 2nd in the contest. Isn't that a hoot? I am now frogging the sleeves and will reknit them 2 sizes smaller.

8:51 PM

Blogger auntgerry said...

I knew I hadn't heard the name Kristen Kramer. Now I know you are who I thought. Yes I will be there on Friday with my infamous sweater.

12:44 AM


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