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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dying to Dye

I've been building up to another big dyeing day for a while now... I've been stocking up on all kinds of random dyeing fibers -- from wool to cotton -- and I've been buying more and more dyes. Last night, I got out a contraption that my dad built for me when I was trying to measure/hank the wool that I'd recycled from a thrift store sweater, and I used it to measure/hank some of the cotton from the giant cone I bought. So far I have two 200-yd. hanks, and I think I have two to go. So the yarn is hanked. The dyes are waiting. Now, of course, I don't have time to do anything about it, so the hanks of undyed yarn and the box of dyes will continue to taunt me until I'm once again allowed to have a day to myself (which doesn't seem to be an option any time in the near future, since I'm apparently expected to work every Saturday, unless I happen to be either (1) out of the country or (2) on my deathbed -- though I have a feeling that I'd be expected to work even then).

Today, I'm taking some time to unwind with my pal Barbara. I haven't seen her in an eternity -- thank goodness for email! We figured that a little yarn shopping and coffee drinking were in order for today. We've both been working too much lately, and we deserve a break. I can't wait! I may have to bring some of my latest wares to show off. If it weren't so cold here, I'd even wear my new lace poncho -- but I guess I'll just have to save that for another, slightly less frigid, day.


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