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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New stuff!

I'm posting this picture a bit belatedly. My Fiesta Yarns came the end of last week -- and I'm finally getting around to posting the picture. But they're the two skeins I won through the Give a Little blog. I was so excited when they arrived -- I ripped open the package before I even got back to the house. Jen even included a few bay leaves in the package, and it smelled wonderful! Thanks, Jen!

Aren't they pretty? Posted by Picasa

So what am I going to do with my gorgeous new yarn? I have no idea. I love them so much, I think I may just walk around with them and feel them for a while.

In other news...I finished my felted tote:

All felted and ready to go Posted by Picasa

Now I have to make one for my sister-in-law for Christmas.

It's been a quiet week with Paul in Chicago and me home alone. On Monday, I did a little more dyeing. Then I sat around and knitted a Christmas ornament (the pattern's in the Handknit Holidays book -- I'll post a link to the review on Friday). Last night, I took myself to a movie. All by myself. Just me and my knitting. It was weird -- but it was fun. And I got a lot of work done on my aunt's scarf. I came home and started another Christmas gift for my mom (I currently have three of those on the needles -- you'd think I'd finish one sooner or later).

At work on Monday, I also started a store sample of the new felted clutch. The girls in my kids' group picked out the colors for me -- orange and sapphire. It's going to be so cool!


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