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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Peace, love...

Peace, Love, and Knitting! Posted by Picasa

Check out the new shirt design! You can get all kinds of hip Ts and baseball shirts and stuff here: http://www.cafepress.com/peaceloveknit.

And...in case you haven't seen the *other* shirts (the ones that Barbara and I so proudly wear to work), check out:
Barbara Knits
or Julie Knits
or even Jan Knits...

I just found out that Cafe Press is having a new sale -- $2 off women's ribbed apparel (Baby Doll Tee, Jr. Raglan, Jr. Tank Top, Women's Cap Sleeve Tee, and Women's Tank) from now through the 21st. Just use the coupon code Breeze2.

In other news...I've been a hockey-watchin' fool for the past couple of days. Last night, I went to watch Paul play (they lost again, I'm afraid). I worked more on my shrug -- which will be finished this weekend. I'm determined. And then I came home to watch the Rock Star INXS elimination show, which I'd taped (GO MIG!!), while working on my big felt bag. Today, Julie, Elise, and I hit the Ice Haus to watch the Blue Jackets practice. Words can not even express how excited I am about hockey starting again. We had a blast -- knitting (I worked on my bag) and scoping out the team. We'll be there for their first regular season game, and we can't wait!


Anonymous Gerald said...

can I have one just for me?

11:12 PM


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