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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's amazing how quickly one can get ready...

...with a little bit of motivation.

I was busily working at 10 this morning when I got a call from Julie. She and Elise were in the car, headed in my direction, to check out the half-off needles and books at Hobby Lobby -- and they were wondering if I wanted to meet them.


In the time that it took Julie to drive from her house to the highway exit ramp, I was made up and looking somewhat presentable. I hit all the lights red, and I was still there before they made it to the knitting section.

What did I get? Needles, size 17 and 19, straight. A Yarn Requirements card. And a booklet of baby afghan patterns. All for $12.

Then Julie headed out to take Elise to lunch before dropping her off at pre-school, and I took my work to Starbucks, where I hooked up to my caffeine IV so I could fly through writing a few reviews.

Tonight is hockey night. Don't tell Paul, but I'm going to be working on lace, so I may miss a bit of the game. But I can't help it. It's now Wednesday, and I still have quite a way to go on the shrug. I need to get it done in time to block it, and if that means not paying attention to the game, so be it. At least I'm going...

Julie and I are checking out Blue Jackets practice tomorrow. We're bringing Elise, our knitting, and our lunches in a bag. I can't wait!


Anonymous Gerald said...

Half-Off Needles and books! aaarggh.

It's a shame I didn't meet my knitting deadline of Monday to complete the Tahoe Obi. *sigh* No book purchases for me.

Lacey shrug? I must see! I'll be at the shop on Friday after my massage!

10:32 PM

Blogger kdk said...

You know I'll be bringing it along. I'm soooo close!

1:50 PM


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