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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catastrophe strikes

With just over three weeks to go until the wedding, at which I'm supposed to wear that gorgeous lace shrug, catastrophe hit. I got too comfortable. I didn't pay enough attention to the pattern, and I suddenly realized that I'd gone 10 rounds past the point where I was supposed to stop and do something different. So last night, I spent the evening ripping it all out, stitch by stitch -- I even took out two extra rounds, just for the sake of getting everything evened out (and figuring out a couple of stitches that I dropped). That's 12 whole rounds of lace. *Black* lace. I broke a sweat doing it. But now it's done, and I can start back again. In fact, I'm almost to the point of switching to flat knitting. That means I'm maybe a third of the way through. It's a good thing we've got a lot of time in the car ahead of us this weekend. I'll get some time to work on it then.


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