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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Salsa and knitting...

Yesterday, Paul and I went to the Greens' house for dinner. Julie's one of the store regulars -- as are her girls, Elise and Emily (who was a regular at Kids' Camp this summer). Julie's been going through a serious foodie phase lately, so she invited us over for dinner, to help them try out a new pork taco recipe from Cooking Light magazine. We got there early, so Paul and Roger could bond over their common loves of hockey and biking and other manly things (as well as commiserate about their crazy knitting wives, who constantly make them feel everything, even though, as Paul recently told me, "I trust you when you say it's soft. I don't have to feel it.") -- and so I could hang out in the kitchen, hoping for Julie's culinary genius to rub off just a little tiny bit. I learned how to make the most spectacular fresh salsa, which I may very well be trying out on my family next week at the cottage. And dinner was a dream...

After dinner, the guys watched football, and Julie got out her swift and ball-winder so I could wind a couple of my hanks of lace yarn (which, of course, I brought over for her to feel). Then we joined the guys and pulled out our knitting. Poor Roger sat in the middle of us, where he got to enjoy "knitting in stereo."

We're so lucky to have such tolerant husbands. Then again, they're so lucky to have wives who knit (which, in turn, makes us especially tolerant).

We had such a great night. And I've promised that as soon as we get a *real* dining room table (meaning one that doesn't endanger anyone who sits on the old, rickety chairs), we'll return the favor.

And until then...the Blue Jackets start practicing on September 13, and Julie and I will be there (with our knitting, of course).


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