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Friday, September 02, 2005

More on Cotton Ease...

Okay, so I have a pretty decent stash of Cotton Ease. But now I have a problem. I refuse to use it. After all, it's discontinued. I can't get any more. So I can't make just anything with it. It's got to be a project that's Cotton Ease worthy. I know. It's pretty sad.

Everything is packed and ready to go to the cottage. As usual, I've packed way more than I'll ever need. I have my main bag and my backup bag, along with a bag of wool, in case I want to start that big felted bag, a bag of random stuff (like some Fixation and some Cotton Ease), and a bag containing that felt-strip bag I finished and now need my mom to line. I put all the extra bags in one giant suitcase-like bag. Pretty sad for four days, but I can't help it. I think I have the yarn for three dishcloths, a mini bag (for the store), my shrug, Mom's alpaca scarf (which will have to stay in the car so Mom won't see it), that pair of socks I still haven't finished, my giant felt bag, the ballet top from Loop-d-loop, and some stuff to start three yet-unknown projects, just in case.

I think I should be okay for the weekend. And if not, there's a yarn store ten minutes from the cottage...

Have a great weekend!


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