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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

After the final felting...

Yesterday, I gave my clutch a second felting -- and I really like how it turned out:

After felting... Posted by Picasa

All I need now is to sew on a snap to keep it closed. Technically, I made the clutch for the wedding last weekend, but I also made it as a test -- because Mom wants me to make her a felted clutch for Christmas. The yarn that I got for her is different -- and it's a worsted weight instead of bulky -- but I'll make it work. I just happened to have this yarn sitting around, so I gave it a shot. I have to say -- I'm a *huge* fan of Kraemer Yarns (and not just because of the name). The chunky, especially, is fantastic for felting. And the colors are amazing.

I've been getting all kinds of stuff in the mail lately! So far this week, I've gotten a shipment from KnitPicks -- featuring yarn for Mom's felted clutch, two Christmas stockings (for Paul and me), and three hanks of dye-your-own for our dyeing party on Sunday. Yesterday, I also got a package from CafePress -- with two of our new Peace Love Knit shirts. The ones that showed up are Barbara's -- so I'm guessing that mine will arrive today. Also yesterday...the UPS guy dropped off my review copy of AlterKnits. Not sure how I feel about it yet -- but Paul will tell you that the book is ridiculous (and I must admit that the patterns for, say, knit screen doors and crowns knit out of crepe paper are a little...impractical).


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