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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Yesterday was One of Those Days. I can come up with no logical reason why I should be in such a funk, but I was. I was in such a funk that I didn't go to the S&B in Delaware, as I'd hoped. I didn't even go to Paul's hockey game. I did, however, take myself out of the house in the afternoon. I went to Joann's, where I bought myself some dyes with my 40% off coupon. I also went to Big Lots, where I bought myself some shoe-box-sized storage containers for a buck each. Then I came home and rearranged my stash a bit.

In my storage containers, I now have novelty yarns, sock yarns (well, most of them, anyway), dishcloth cotton, and dyeing materials. It felt good to clean things up again. I got all of my Cotton-Ease out of the bags that had been thrown in the closet, and I even found that other hank of wool that I knew I had somewhere.

Paul had a late hockey game last night, so we went for a walk after dinner. Then we watched some TV while I worked on my capelet. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough of the first color, but I now have one row to go, and it appears as though I'll just *just* enough. What a relief! Now I just need to figure out the rest of the colors... While Paul was playing hockey (he got a goal and an assist, and his team won 6-3), I got out the dyes and dyed my long-lost hank in Willow Green. So now I have the deep purple and the rich orange. And I need to choose between bright green and willow. Oh, the decisions...

I have to admit, though, that dyeing really helped to bring me out of my funk. I love dyeing.


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