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Monday, October 10, 2005

What a weekend!

I left work early on Friday. It was best that way. I was no good to anyone anyway. I was too excited. Because on Friday night, we witnessed the return of hockey. Roger and Julie got us tickets to the Blue Jackets home opener. Unfortunately, the Jackets lost, but hey. That happens. We had a blast anyway. And I even did some knitting (though not a lot -- I was too into the game...and my fries).

On Saturday, Paul and I pretty much crashed for most of the day. He played on his computer. I knitted another Christmas ornament -- and a mitten for my niece. And then we went out for a nice, romantic dinner at a very expensive restaurant (one that we never would have visited had we not had a $150 gift card, which covered dinner, sans dessert) for our four-year anniversary, which was on Thursday. I brought my clutch (which still doesn't have a snap, since I can't seem to find one), in case you were wondering.

Yesterday, Barbara and I met up with Julie and her daughter Emily to meet Lily Chin. Here's proof:

We had to bend down because Lily said we were too tall... Posted by Picasa

We didn't stick around for long. After that, we were off to Target to help Emily shop for a dress for an upcoming wedding's rehearsal dinner. And after Julie and Em headed elsewhere, Barbara and I hit Starbuck's, where we drank coffee and settled into some nice, comfy chairs to knit and chat. I started a capelet using my hand-dyed yarns. I love it already, and I'm only 7 rows in!


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