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Friday, October 07, 2005

Handknit Holidays review

Head on over to NightsAndWeekends.com for my review of Melanie Falick's new book, Handknit Holidays.

I just got another knitting book in the mail on Wednesday...review coming soon!

Paul's flight was scheduled to arrive at around 9 on Wednesday, so I went over to hang out with Julie and the girls (who were Roger-less). Julie and I drank near-beer while knitting and flipping through books and watching Cinderella. It just doesn't get much better than that...

...well, except for tonight, when we'll be bringing our knitting bags to the Club section of Nationwide Arena for the home opener of the Blue Jackets season.

It definitely doesn't get much better than *that*.

On Wednesday, I vowed that I wouldn't start any more projects (like the shawl I'm going to make out of the cotton I just got from Elann) until I finished at least two (since I'd totally run out of Denise cables to knit with). So last night I finished the scarf for my aunt (well, mostly...I just have to weave in the ends). And I'm almost finished with that other thing for my mom... So I think I'll be starting that shawl soon... :)


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