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Monday, October 31, 2005

Shopping and hiking and pumpkins (and some knitting stuff, too)

It was another crazy-busy (but fun) weekend... It started on Friday, when Barbara and I hit the mall to visit our brand new (just opened at noon on Friday) H&M. It's my favorite store in the whole wide world (I've been to H&M stores in several countries...). We had one in our mall back in New England, and it was devastating to leave it behind. But now I don't have to worry -- there's an H&M at one of my many malls here now, too! Yea!

On Saturday, we slept in (my favorite thing to do on a Saturday...). Then we got up and raked the back yard before I had to run out to a disastrous eye doctor appointment. At night, we ended up driving around for an eternity in an attempt to find an Indian restaurant (the address of which landed it in the middle of an industrial area), and then we gave up and went to CiCi's instead, where we ate all the pizza we could possibly stuff ourselves with. Mmmm...I love CiCi's (though there's a new pizza buffet that's going to be opening next to our favorite Cheap Theater, so I may have a new favorite place soon...).

After dinner, we came home and watched a movie. During the movie, I whipped out two little pouches. My sister-in-law once asked if I could make Tooth Fairy pouches for the little ones -- so I decided to go with a little felted pouch, on which I could needle-felt a tooth. So on Saturday, I decided to play around with the concept for a while.

Yesterday, we decided that it was the perfect day for a walk, so we went to the park and did the four-mile hike. Whew! It was gorgeous, though. I just love fall (even if I'm highly allergic to fall here in Ohio). After a quick trip to the grocery store so Paul could buy more candy for his trick-or-treating co-workers (yes, they dress up at Paul's office -- today, Paul decided to dress up as a...manager), we headed home and got right to work.

While Paul worked on this:

Not just any old pumpkin at our house...nosiree! Posted by Picasa

I worked on this:

Mmm...cotton... Posted by Picasa

That's a big tub of cotton, in case you were wondering. It was my first attempt at cotton, and I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. I also did another hank of wool that didn't turn out as planned -- though I think I'll like it anyway.

It was an exhausting afternoon, actually. I kept running from my wool dye to my cotton dye...then downstairs to the laundry room, where I was doing laundry and felting a bag and two little pouches. Pictures of those are coming soon. But I do have a picture of Paul's finished pumpkin...

Paul's spooky creation Posted by Picasa

After our crazy weekend, we definitely slept well last night.

I'm looking forward to tonight. It's our first Halloween in a real house in a real neighborhood, where kids actually show up at the door. It should be fun (and I'm hoping we don't get too many kids because I'm hoping for lots of left-over candy...


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