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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Victory is Mine!

The Sock Wars are over, and I have made it through victoriously. I have finished the socks.

Immediately after sewing in the last end, I spontaneously burst into the Hallelujah Chorus. Then I put the socks on for a picture. After this picture was taken, I did a little dance through the living room.

Things I have learned from the experience:

1) I can actually knit a pair of socks in under two weeks, if I'm really determined, and if I really put my mind to it

2) But not without great pain and mental anguish

All I can say now is that they'd better fit the recipient-in-law, darnit.

Also, in an attempt to make the finished product look prettier, I've decided to knit a little gift bag to put them in. That'll fool 'em, don't you think? So I cast on and did some knitting for an hour. And then, lying in bed, I announced, "I think I'm going to rip that bag out."

"What for?" Paul replied, obviously perplexed, the poor guy.

"It's too tight. I need to use bigger needles."

And with that, I fell asleep, happily dreaming about my friend Kay, the self-proclaimed Sock Princess (who then had me design this stuff for her), who (in my dream) bought so many knitting books that her husband (who, incidentally, I've never actually met) was angry. And then we all threw Kay a surprise party. And there were no socks involved.


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