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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Sleet...

I am hard core. Today was Sip and Knit day at Caribou. And although Kay and Carol and Barbara all decided to stay away (Kay decided to stay in her jammies all day), Julie and I met, even though it looked like this outside:

(Note: These are actually the good roads. I am, after all, not stupid enough to try to take pictures while driving on ice.)

Julie and I are so hard core that nothing will stop us from getting together to knit. Nosiree Bob! So we got our coffee and sat in our comfy chairs in front of the fire and spent an hour or two just knitting and hanging out.

Here's Julie showing me the real way to make socks -- with nice bulky yarn.

Julie is obviously way smarter than I am.

And here's a picture of the super-cool bike tread shadow-knit scarf that Julie's working on:

And what did I work on, you ask? I pulled out some nice #10 needles (having retired my #2s for a while) and made a poncho for my niece's Barbie (the one I'm giving her for Christmas). In fact, I finished one and started on another. That Barbie is going to be all set for ponchos. I didn't have a lot of yarn for the first one, and I was a little worried that she wouldn't be able to pull it over Barbie's head, but Julie assured me that it would be no problem. "And if it doesn't fit, you can just pop her head off," she told me. Ah, if only it were that easy for people -- then I would have had no problem when I knit that sleeveless top a while back and accidentally made the neck opening too small...


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