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Thursday, June 16, 2005

One night, Two FOs!

Believe it or not, I finished TWO projects yesterday! The shawl is for me. I've recently fallen in love with shawls, and I decided that I needed to quickly throw a nice, neutral shawl together for myself. Don't tell my boss -- I bought the yarn at Michael's. It's TLC Amore, and it was on sale for $5 a week or two ago. It took a skein and a half, and I should have enough left over for a scarf for...someone.

The scarf is a sample for the store -- and yes, the yarn really is that bright. It's GORGEOUS! It's made out of one ball of Southwest Trading Company's Bamboo Feather (10 stitches on #13s), which won't be available for another month or so yet -- but we got a sample from the rep to play with. I love it -- and I even love the color. In fact, I saw the other colors at TNNA, and none of them are nearly as fun as this one. I plan on buying a ball when it comes in -- so I can have a scarf of my own.

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