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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Already a hit...

I brought a few patterns into the store yesterday -- along with the finished capelet sample. I was just hanging out for a few minutes, introducing Paul to those who hadn't already met him, when a customer walked up to the sample (which Sallie was holding up at the time) and said, "Oh, how cute!" and she tried it on (and since she was a larger-sized woman, she was thrilled to see that it fit fabulously).

I have to tell you -- I was pretty proud of myself at that moment.

Tomorrow is the first big Monthly Meeting at the store. I have to work all day, and from 6-8, we're having a potluck time to sit and eat and knit. Since I have to work all day (and thereby only have a tiny fridge -- which will most likely be full -- and no oven -- only a tiny microwave), I have no idea what I'm going to bring. I'm thinking chips and salsa. I could bake cookies, but that would take time and energy, and I really just don't feel like it...

I've already got my meeting project planned. I started some socks last night -- just so I can bring them along. :)


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