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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Day 2

Day 2 at Knitters Mercantile was pretty much like Day 1 -- only, just like in school, where it just gets more challenging every day, things got a little hairier. I'm still working on pricing stuff -- but now I'm working on pricing stuff that's both newly ordered *and* old stock from Wolfe, the store that recently closed its doors. So I have to go through, price stuff, write down the stuff I don't have prices for, put everything back on the shelf, wait for new stickers, then take everything off the shelves again and find the stuff I still needed to price. I have, however, learned all about Berroco yarns. I've done Suede, Plush, Candy FX, Sizzle, Monet, Glace, and parts of Cotton Twist (which I now adore) and Zap.

I also got to open boxes from a new shipment. This is dangerous. I used to open up the boxes when I worked at a bridal shop, but I was never in danger of buying everything in the box.

I am getting the hang of things a little more, though. It's nice that the store's new, so it's not just me who doesn't always know what's what. It's all of us. Yesterday, we discovered that not a single Monkey Suits pattern had a price on it. So it's not just me. We're all in the learning curve. It makes me feel better. I did, however, get to use my purse to show a customer how well Lamb's Pride felts. And when a customer asked where she could find Cascade 220, I said, without hesitating, "Next aisle over, far side, about halfway down." Not bad for my second day.

The highlight of the day, though, was when a woman came in totally baffled by casting on. She had learned to knit when she was younger, and she wanted to knit a baby blanket. But her cast-on was totally twisted. So I sat down with her on the couch in the front of the store and taught her. I even explained the benefits of using a circular needle for baby blankets. And she was so happy and so grateful. It made my day.

My next day...I have no idea when it'll be, though I know I'm working Saturday again. Phyllis and Jan can't work, so it'll just be me, Barbara, and Sallie. I'm going to have to build up my strength -- three people on a Saturday... Should be exhausting.


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