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Friday, April 22, 2005

Wow...that was scary

I hate job interviews. It's not something I do often, so it's scary. And this, of course, was especially scary, since I had to show off my knitting. In fact, I didn't sleep last night.

So I showed up at 9, and the place was locked. It didn't look like anyone was there. I knocked...nothing. I was just about to drive away -- at about 9:15 -- when Jan came to the door and waved me in. She got caught up in something else in the back room, and she forgot that she hadn't unlocked the door. And Sallie, her partner, had totally forgotten altogether.

Anyway, we chatted for a while, and then we went through some of my projects. Despite the fact that I didn't have a ton to show, Jan loved my little baby socks. She was impressed with the Brilliant that I used for Lisa's shawl (which I quickly finished last night to bring along). She was excited that I knew how to needle felt (she instantly started planning the class I can teach). And she was thoroughly impressed by the cape I designed. In fact, when Sallie came in, she was so impressed that she told me to write up the pattern, and they'll sell it in the store.

In the end, we chatted for a while, and they told me to come in tomorrow for a few hours to see how it goes. I'm still not totally sold on the whole thing -- I don't want to end up working more than I can handle -- since I have plenty of stuff to work on here, too. My goal in life is still to write -- not to work in a yarn store -- so if I take the job, I'll have to learn to balance my life. Who knows if I'll ever actually have time to knit... But it looks like a fun place. We'll see what happens tomorrow...


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