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Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's that time again...

Once again, I'm getting ready to travel. Tomorrow I'll be heading north for a long weekend with my family (and my almost-seven-year-old nephew's birthday party). So what do I bring with me? Do I bring Lisa's shawl? It's almost finished, and it'll take up a lot of space. So is it worth brining along just to show it off? Probably.

I also need to take along the yarn I bought for a cool throw pillow for the living room. Mom bought a pillow form for it, and she can help me sew it together.

I've also packed some extra yarn for adding an edging to that darn tank that I still haven't finished. And now that it's spring, I need to finish it so I can wear it.

I've also packed a few extra dish scrubbies, since Mom's recently learned that they make great potato strubbers, too -- so she wants more.

And I picked up two new books from the library to flip through while watching the news with Dad.

Is that enough? Probably not. I'm sure I'll think of more to pack. Unfortunately, I'll be traveling solo, so I'll be doing all the driving -- which, actually, I'm excited about, but it means that there won't be any knitting in the car for me.

I can't wait for the trip, though. It means that I'll be shopping and going out for coffee with Mom -- and we'll most definitely be hitting Friends of Wool while I'm there. I can't wait!


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