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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ode to the library

I love the library. Really. I do. Years ago, before I met my husband, I thought of the library as a musty, scary place where people with bad hair and thick glasses whispered about topics that I cared nothing about. But then I met Paul. Paul is a Library Guy, oddly enough. He actually used to *work* in a library. But Paul opened my eyes. He showed me that the library is a place where you can get movies for free (and not just those horrible educational movies they used to make you watch in school, pretending like it was such a *huge treat* for you to be allowed to watch Cipher in the Snow *yet again*). It's also a great place to pick up a few knitting books to casually flip through while waiting for dinner to be ready.

Last night, I had to pick up a few movies (I really don't make enough as a columnist to be able to pay for them), so while I was there (and the line was entirely too long to stand in, anyway), I headed on over to the knitting books section (we've only lived here a few months, but I'm starting to figure out where it is). You never know what you'll find when you head to the knitting books section. Some days, it's jam-packed with stuff. Other days, there isn't much left -- since the other knitters in town have picked it clean. Last night, I found a few old favorites. I also found The Knit Stitch, which I'd never brought home from the library before. And since I find it almost impossible to leave the library without at least one knitting book to flip through (and since I'd just brought two *really good* ones back), I took it home with me. I've already flipped through it a couple of times, and I think I may have even found a few patterns to try out -- you know...when I get the time. Or else I'll just bring the book back to the library again, keeping those patterns in this book in mind as I pick up another book that'll inspire me to keep creating for another few weeks...

I love the library.


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