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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Wednesday already...!

Time flies when you're getting back from vacation!

Our trip was a blast! We spent a couple of days in Arizona, seeing the sights and climbing some rocks. Then we drove through Sedona (gorgeous!) up to the Grand Canyon (wow!) and across to Vegas (!!), where we stayed for a few days, basking in the sun and taking it all in. I'm not much of a gambler, but I did win myself dinner on the penny slots one night. :)

I didn't have much free time during the trip, but I did manage to knit a scarf on the flight to Phoenix. And I finished a leg warmer (just one -- the other one has yet to be started...but that's coming up).

We got back on Saturday evening, but our bags didn't make it until Sunday afternoon (between my husband getting his bag destroyed on the way out and finding his clothes dumped out on the baggage carousel, the horribly unorganized insanity on the way out, which forced us to wait in line for well over an hour before running to make it to our gate *just in time*, and the fact that we didn't get our bags until almost a day after landing -- on a direct flight! -- I'd have to say that I won't be flying America West again anytime soon). So we spent a lot of time sitting around and trying to recover from our jetlag. I had started a cape before leaving, and I picked it up when it got back -- and I'm almost done!

Tonight I'm going to my first Columbus Meetup. So far, I think only one other person is supposed to be there, but I don't care -- it'll be fun anyway. And maybe...just maybe...I'll finish my cape over a cup of tea at Starbucks...


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