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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A weekend with Mom

Mom and Dad showed up for a visit on Friday afternoon. The guys spent the weekend working on a much-needed organizational project in the garage. And Mom and I did lots of random stuff -- Mom made me some really cool patchy jeans that look just like the ones I saw in the J. Crew catalog for $300.

Mom's not a knitter, but we did have a couple of knit-related outings. On Saturday, we hit a nearby thrift store in an attempt to pick out some good yarn to recycle. I got three sweaters for $6! We ripped the first one -- a great grey wool sweater for felting -- apart on Sunday afternoon. So far we've measured over 400 yards, and I've still got a couple of bags to measure. Meanwhile, I knit up a swatch to see how it felts.

On Monday, we decided to visit some yarn stores. Ever since we moved here, I'd been excited to check out Wolfe Fiber Arts, which is closer to the city. And now that I have my new car, I was ready to go. I looked it up online in the morning and got the directions to the store, but when we got there, we found that it was closed. And I'm not talking closed for Presidents' Day. I'm talking closed for good. What's the deal? Don't you think they could mention that on their web site? I drove a long way to get to that stupid store, only to find that it doesn't exist anymore! Apparently, their inventory has been bought out, and another store is going to open in its place on April 1... That, of course, makes me even more upset, knowing that they had been going out of business -- I'm sure the had great sale prices, and I missed it! What a disappointment!

In other knitting news, I spent a lot of time over the weekend working on swatches and yarn recycling and stuff, but I'm getting there on my tank. And I'd better be -- I leave in just over a week, and I want to be able to wear it!


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