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Friday, January 28, 2005

ONE pink baby sock!

Remember the count from Sesame Street? I was just counting like the count. I've done one pink baby sock... For the most part, it looks like a real sock. Paul was pretty darn impressed. I tried a different pattern this time, and I wasn't happy with the ladder-like effect around the gusset-join area (I think that's where it is). But it's so cute and pink that no one will notice.

I started my second sock before going to the gym last night (going to the gym would be so much easier if I could figure out a way to knit while I'm working out), and I continued working on it while Paul and I watched out previously-recorded episode of The Apprentice (they definitely did pick out all kinds of crazy to put on the third season...). I think I'm going to morph this pattern with my other one for the second sock -- to avoid the ladders.

But I have to tell you how proud I am. I still haven't finished a new project. I told myself last night that I have to finish one more project before I start another one. That means either 1) creating the button for my felted bag and sewing it on, 2) sewing my cell phone case together, complete with buttons and velcro, or 3) finishing my second baby sock.


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