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Friday, January 14, 2005

Every day is like Christmas!

I love my calendar! Mom got me the Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar for Christmas. She bought it when she was visiting us in Massachusetts in September -- and it's a good thing she did! By the time Christmas rolled around, there was no way anyone was getting a copy. My husband said he looked everywhere and couldn't find one.

Anyway, I totally love it. I think today's pattern was the first one that I looked at and thought, "Nope...don't like that." Other than that, it's been one interesting pattern after another. And even if there are a few that I don't like -- or that I won't make -- it's still inspiring to get to look at a new knitting idea every day. The hard part, though, it the waiting. I just want to tear through it like I do through new knitting books -- study every page and every design over and over. But I want to keep some of it a surprise so I can get to my desk in the morning and see something new and beautiful and creative.

I'll admit it. I cheat sometimes. I'll flip ahead and look at random pages months in the future. I figure by then maybe I'll have forgotten that I already saw it... :)


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