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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It works!

My niece, Kaari (she's 3) learned about scarves yesterday. My mom was babysitting yesterday, and when it came time for the two of them to head out to pick my nephew, Nathan (he's 6), up from school, Kaari got bundled up in her coat, being sure to grab her stylish scarf, a Christmas present from her oh-so-crafty Auntie (that's me). Mom got her scarf, too (also from me, of course), and told Kaari, "It's really cold out. But if you wrap your scarf around your neck like this, it'll keep you warm."

So off they went to Nathan's school. As they stood outside in the cold, suddenly Kaari shouted out, "It works! It works!" She was so excited. Grandma was right -- her scarf really would keep her warm! She couldn't believe it!

In her excitement, Kaari turned to my mom and said, "You tell Auntie thank you for my scarf."

Is she the sweetest thing in the world, or what?


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