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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another FO - and some hope for my toes...

Yesterday, I was blah. You know those blah days, when you get up and no matter what you do, you just can't get any of your brain cells to function? That was yesterday. So I decided to watch a movie in the early afternoon to get a jump start on next month's submission for my WIP column. The movie pretty much sucked, but at least it gave me some extra knitting time. I decided that I'd pull out an old unfinished project and finish it once and for all. I finally finished the poncho that I started back in September. All I needed to do was pick up stitches and knit the neck, and now it's done. It's gigantic, but it's big and warm and cozy. I call it my blankey poncho. Pictures to come.

In other knitting news, thanks to Jay, I've figured out my Kitchener problem. I've been knitting my socks inside-out. How I'm going to fix that, I don't know. But I'll figure it out. Thanks, Jay!


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