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Thursday, January 20, 2005

UFO night

We were supposed to go to the gym last night, but Columbus was hit with a bit of an ice storm, so we decided that it might be best to put that off for one more night. Instead, Paul did a little drawing, and I decided to tackle a couple of my UFOs.

See, I was starting to feel bad. There were UFOs all over the coffee table in the family room. And I really want to start something new -- like that scarf for my aunt or a hat or a shawl for me. But I wouldn't let myself do it until I cleared off the coffee table a bit.

My first project was this bag. It's such a cute bag -- I've already felted it. But I was supposed to use it for needle-felting practice. So I finally bit the bullet last night and did a little needle felting. I was nervous, but I didn't need to be. It was pretty easy -- and the bag turned out really cool. Once I get the button sewn on, I'll post a picture. I showed Paul when I was finished, and he was blown away. "Wow!" he said, "You could sell that!"

Then I continued work on the cell phone case that I've been working on designing. I sewed it together and found that it was a bit bigger around than I wanted (oh, well...). And then I started working on I-cord for a strap. I hate I-cord. And then everything went wrong just as I was about to finish -- and I had to frog it and start over. Not happy. Did I mention I hate I-cord? But now I have all the pieces I need. I just have to sew on the strap and sew on some buttons and velcro and stuff, and I'm all set.

So I can't say that it was necessarily a relaxing night of knitting. Actually, it was a bit frustrating. But I feel much better about myself now, having done a load of laundry while almost finishing two projects. Go me!


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